DOUBLE HORSE. WIRELESS RC HELICOPTER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Attention: Gyroscope technology is applied to this product. Please read the . Double Horse RC Helicopter G Hand Remote Control Shuang ma. Double Horse RC Helicopter Instruction Manual + Parts List. £ Add to Basket Double Horse RC Helicopter Tail Motor Shuang ma Parts. £ Supply double horse rc helcopter and all parts of double horse RC Helicopter Shuang ma Parts English Instruction manual book.

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See the attached picture and you will see the rod is placed so that the rod is now outside the servo arm in relation to the mainframe. Jan 10, Return to mikefromgermany’s blog.

How to Bind the Double Horse 9116 to a New Transmitter Controller

Don’t try to compensate with weight on the left skid etc, this reduces only flight time and maxes tear n’ wear. Need other RC helicopter and parts, please click double horse 9116 manual If you can’t find out the model of your helicopter on our site, please email us support feala. An Introduction to Art-Tech. Sometimes even bad motors are sold that last for only 25 flights. Double horse 9116 manual of the Galaxy. Flybar, often slightly bent at the weights.

Images View all Images in thread Views: I’ll add all the tips to the blog. You may also first break your new motor in before thinking of a bypass.

Pictures of my mod: If the heli spins up, all is good. The motor can barely manage pushing the tail around. It also minimizes friction against the canopy and the chances of hanging up against it. Double horse 9116 manual what the trim buttons are for. You will suffer these strikes when you’re flying the bird too hard sudden full stick movements in opposite directions or crash with throttle applied.


In reality you’ll get m.

Double Horse RC Helicopter G Hand Remote Control Shuang ma

Categories 3 and 3. Reduces vibrations and wear and tear on bearings. Once the heli is balanced, you can step on to the swash-levelling procedure in Stormforce’s Tech-Manual. The double horse 9116 manual please add water before use Choose Voltage: You’ll find the instruction to do it in the tech-manual.

Mar 26, Worried by Winter Condition. A red LED inside the canopy will also flash quickly.


What the hell are you talking about? It mostly occurs on aileron servo right hand side, looking from the tail. Images View all Images in thread.

When brushes are new, they do not completely touch the commutator. In the pic it’s the black block on lower right. Replacing the main motor Take off the canopy, unclip the servo linkages double horse 9116 manual the swashplate Aundo the retaining screw in the main gear Bremove the complete rotor head assembly together with the hollow pipe and the main gear C. Retest, failing again means you’ll need a new PCB Check all cable connections, test resistances, plugs double horse 9116 manual sockets, even dismount the complete tail assembly and check for damaged cable insulations For specialists only to check – insert new PCB Servo Horn bends and slides up the pushrod So your servo horns bend and slide up the pushrod?


All changes you do with the trim buttons are lost when switching the RX off. Mod the pushrod with a dab of solder and form a “fork”: Remember Me Forgot Password?

Last edited by ironhorse99; Oct 20, at Mwnual resistance of a new unit measures just 1ohm and after the nuclear event 2. The next time you have to replace the motor all you will have to do is step A to C, then undo the 2 screws double horse 9116 manual replace the motor.

Then hold the tx in your left hand assuming it’s in mode 2 and hold the throttle down with your thumb, switch on double horse 9116 manual tx, then before it starts beeping, switch on the heli and quickly place it on a level surface, it should be bound when you hear the servo’s flutter into life and align themselves with the settings in the tx programming.

Shorten the hollow pipe to 73mm cut from upper side! Rebend in shape until straight again. You WILL burn out motors double horse 9116 manual they manuzl stalled throttled up due to a crash or catching obstacles like grass etc while landing.

These blackouts occure sometimes in the air when you suddenly apply full throttle, too.