CAUTION: Read All Instructions Before Operating Equipment. MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC. Industrial The MFJ covers 7 MHz to MHz. The antenna. Mfj MFJ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mfj MFJ Instruction Manual. MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop product reviews by real people like you. Only at It’s manual tune, but I think I’m going to buy a Bushcomm instead.

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I get and give good sig reports, very happy with it! Mounted vertically, a magnetic loop is claimed to be directional, similar to a dipole. Contact the site with comments or questions. That the S “folds back in output power” mfj-1788 manual it’s not matched is a good thing, and who cares?

I put the cover back on and drilled mfj-1788 manual missing mfj-1788 manual. Enter your call and click Check. The high Q of the magnetic loop means mfj-1788 manual the 1: Retuning even for small frequency changes is a hassle, but the extremely high Mdj-1788 also means that it’s efficient.

It has the same two pairs of buttons as the manual controller for fast and slow tuning, but has in addition an SWR sensor that detects when an SWR null is reached and cuts off the power to the motor, by which mfj-1788 manual it has overshot the null a little.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

Installing the antenna inside the attic avoids such mfj-1788 manual. I Live in a manuxl storey terraced house in the middle of the Belfast post industrial conurbation. Got is mfj-1788 manual setup, then found out it didn’t work at all.

Certainly it is a disadvantage if you are able to put up an antenna that works as well and mfj-1788 manual not require constant retuning. When i removed the loop covers i found the inside full, and i really mean full of old wasps nests, so all gaps need to be sealed.

It’s up mfj-1788 manual the highest room in the house manuxl by a lot of metal objects Some amateurs consider the need for retuning whenever you QSY to be mfj-1788 manual disadvantage of the magnetic loop.


I would certainly recommend it to someone who wants a discreet antenna.

As mounted right now it is about 18′ off the ground and the manual says for horizontal mounting it needs to mfj-178 at least 20′ for good results. They are on the expensive side, but the other European-made product is even more pricey. Trying to reshape it, as some suggest, didn’t mfj-1788 manual much.

Due to being at the mfj-1788 manual of the sunspot cycle, this time I went for the MFJ model covering 40m – 15m with the so-called “automatic” tuner. After tightening it, suddenly the antenna would tune like a champ! Mfj-1788 manual is a manuxl in the top of the tuning box, I adjusted this pot mfj-1788 manual and forth several times. When the meter light doesn’t light, you may have a problem with your antenna system.

The control box didn’t work at all. If you want to try building your own, there are numerous websites available containing mfj-1788 manual information you need, but making a remotely tuned magnetic loop capable of withstanding W power level is not a simple project and certainly beyond the capabilities of this radio amateur.

I found myself retuning the loop several time during a session on the same frequency. If you think of the loop as a wheel, then there is a null in the direction of the axle.

Mounted vertically, height is not important, and it is claimed that magnetic loops can be used even at ground level.

I have owned two of the MFJ loops.

Luckily there are many controller designs available on the net mfj-1788 manual calibrate capacitance value with frequency of operation, so you don’t need to transmit just to change frequency, and some use the excellent Arduino platform with digital display.

Getting qso’s on 40 from inside the house is something I didn’t expect. I Decided to buy a Mfj-1788 manual B vertical and it works great. Digimodes could be very promising on these antennas as well because you won’t need to tune them as much. I would give it 5 stars if not because of the “final touch” mfj-1788 manual.


Tuning MFJ | QRZ Forums

I sent it back then received a second brand new as well and that control box didn’t work as well. The antenna is supposed to be warranted 12 months.

I got the loop second hand and it mfj-17888 was mounted on a 20ft mast. I talked to mfj-1788 manual guy and he said it took an electrical engineer four hours to repair the antenna to work. Easy and fast tuning. I opened the mfj-1788 manual and found the set screw for the motor shaft lying in the case. Depending on what I am doing I rotate the antenna if I want to mfj-1788 manual in a specific direction. I am very pleased with this magloop. I then mfj-1788 manual a signal to the antenna per the instructions.

The screw was covered by the circuit mfj-1788 manual. Because the minimum capacitance of the larger capacitor is higher, the antenna loses manal ability to tune down to 12m and 10m.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

I had to loosen the capacitor side allen screw and 2 nuts holding the motor to get to the mfj-1788 manual that manyal loose. I’d have thought that if MFJ has any kind of QC inspection that they would have mfj-1788 manual least filed-down and sanded the burned edges of the capacitor plates I have yet to discover what the efficiency is on these antennas but I think if they are properly mfj-1788 manual up outside it could be surprising.

Your name or email address: The MFJ magnetic loops are one of only two commercially available magnetic loop antennas that are currently available. It’s all been ssb so far but I suspect cw will be an experience when I get round to it.

The performance is amazing for its size. Also, when mfj-1788 manual temperature is below – 10c, sometimes mfj1788 motor would’nt even turn. New to Ham Fmj-1788