Purusha Suktam – Sahasra-Shirsaa Purusah Sahasra-Aksah Sahasra-Paat : The Purusha (Universal Being) has Thousand Heads, Thousand Eyes and. An Introduction to the Purusha Sukta. Where is the Purusha Suktam in the Vedas ? Hindu religious sources are classified as “Sruti” or “smRti”. Sruti — that which. Purusha Suktam Translated by P. R. Ramachander Introduction Among the great Gods of Vedas is Purusha, which in simple translation means the “male”.

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And what was His Feet?

It mentions the three seasons purusha suktam the order of the Vasanta, purusha suktam Grishma, summer; and Sarad, autumn; it contains the only passage in the Rigveda where the four castes are enumerated.

What was barhis, the altar of the sacrifice?

Purusha Sukta

Text Seven saptasyasan paridhayaha trissapta samidhah purusha suktam deva yadjajnam tanvanaha abadhnan purusham pashum For this yajna or spiritual ceremony there were seven paridhis fuel pieces serving as borders. Text Thirteen brahmanosya mukhamasit bahu rajanyah kritaha uru tadasya yadvaishyaha padhyagam shudro ajayata From Purusha suktam face or the mouth came the brahmanas. Radhakrishnan, Indian Philosophy, Vol.

I have little skill in Sanskrit myself, and have had to borrow heavily from these sources:. Therein the Creation, He pervades all the Living who eats and the Non-Living who does not eat beings. It is often used during the worship of the Deity of Vishnu or Narayana in the temple, installation purusha suktam fire ceremonies, or during purusha suktam daily recitation of Sanskrit literature or for one’s meditation.


The Purusha Sukta – Daily Invocations

Text Purusha suktam tripadurdhva udaitpurushaha padosyeha bhavatpunaha tato vishvajya kramat sashana ashane abhi The Purusha with the three-quarters of His energy ascended above the spiritual energy. Who knows purusha suktam Purusha thus, attains suktsm in this very birth. Understanding the Earth – The Vedic way: Text Fourteen chandrama manaso jataha chakshoh suryo ajayata mukhad indrash chagnishcha pranadvayur ajayata From His mind was born the moon.

Puruha, the creative aspect of the Purusha. Text Five purusha suktam viradajayata virajo adhi purushah sa jato atyarichyata pashchad bhumimatho puraha From Him the Adipurusha or original Supreme Being was born the Virat or Virat Purusha, the immense universal form. They purusha suktam of paramount and equal authority to Sri Vaishnavas. Your senses, the devas, shall be the ritviks.

What about this translation attempt?

Sruti — that which is heard purusha suktam is of the nature of divine revelation. The Earliest Religious Poetry of India. Home Stotras Site Map Search. It has a decidedly more modern tone, and must have been purusha suktam after the Sanskrit language had been refined.

But the polish may be due to the artistic skill of the particular author, to the nature of the subject and to several other purusha suktam than mere posteriority in time.

There can be little doubt, for instance, that the 90th hymn of the 10th book Purusha Sukta is modern both in its character and in its diction.


The redaction I have attempted to translate is based to a large part on theistic tradition and approach, rather than a critical purusha suktam. All creation is but a fourth part of him. All that which existed in the past or will come into being purusha suktam the future is also the Purusha.

From that yajna again the yujas the Yajur-veda was born. From that were born the cattle. Some scholars state that certain verses of Purusha Sukta purusha suktam later interpolations to the Rigveda.

However, the Purusha is greater than this. Creation is described to have started with the origination of Purusha suktam, or the purusha suktam body from the Purusha. My sources for the translation are to put it mildly, a hodgepodge.

The Purusha Sukta

This purusha suktam because this is the way this wonderful cosmogenical song speaks to me. Retrieved from ” https: Who was tied as purusha suktam beast of the sacrifice? University of California Press; 1 edition September 10, Sometimes 6 more mantras are added.