SAE AMS-QQ-N Revision C, July 1, Complete Document. Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited). View Abstract. Product Details. Document History. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-QQ-N at Engineering 13 Oct Electrodeposited Nickel plating on Steel, Copper, Copper Alloys, Zinc and Zinc Alloys, AMS-QQ-N Class 1, Corrosion Protective coating.

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Grade G – 0. Sae-ams-qq-n-290 2 – Engineering sae-ams-qq-n-290. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum nickel plating for copper end copper alloys shall be Grade D. The selected samples shall be subjected to a sae-ams-qq-n-290 tensile load. Unless otherwise specified, the plating shall be applied after all basis metal heat treatments and mechanical operations such as machining, brazing, welding, forming and perforating of the article have been sae-ams-qq-n-290 see 6.

The articles, parts or specimens shall be held under load for at least hours and then examined for cracks or fracture. In a double-layer nickel deposition, as the undercoat with other electrodeposited top coats, the nickel immediately under the top sae-ams-qq-n-290 is a bright nickel containing sulfur while the bottom sae-ams-qq-n-290 under that is a semi-bright nickel essentially free sae-ams-qq-n-290 sulfur, In any sae-ams-qq-n-290 electrolytic cell set sae-ams-qq-n-290 with the top coat, the bright nickel reacts anodically to the purer semi-bright nickel.

SAE AMS-QQ-N – Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited) | Engineering

sae-ams-qq-n-290 At the option sae-ams-qq-n-290 the supplier other instruments, such as those employing the principle of beta-radiation back scatter or X-ray spectrometry may be used. If the edge of the ruptured plating can be peeled sae-ams-qq-n-290 or if separation between the plating and the sae-ams-qq-n-290 metal can be seen at the point of rupture when examined at four diameters magnification, adhesion is not satisfactory.

Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the supplier is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein. Unless otherwise specified, either a fully bright or dull semi-bright finish shall sae-ams-qq-n-290 acceptable see 6.


Conditions affecting the plating of specimens including sae-ams-qq-n-290 spacing, plating media, residual air pressure, temperature etc. Upon request of the procuring activity, such records sae-ams-qq-n-290 be sae-ams-qq-n-290 available. Electrodeposited nickel plating covered by sae-ams-qq-n-290 specification shall be of the following classes, as specified:.

SAE AMS-QQ-NA加注中文说明_图文_百度文库

SB – Single layer coating in a fully bright finish. Acceptance sae-ams-qq-n-290 maximum number sae-ams-qq-n-290 sample items nonconforming to any test.

When either of the two etchants are used, the microstructure of the dull or semi-bright nickel layer will be shown to be columnar, whereas that sae-ams-qq-n-290 the bright nickel layer sae-ams-qq-n-290 be banded or unresolved. Class 1 plating may be processed for the following forms of nickel deposition: Speed up research, capture and sae-ams-qq–n290 expertise For additional product information, visit the IHS Standards Expert page.

Parts for Class 1 deposition shall be sae-ams-qq-n-290 to specific sae-ams-qq-n-290 as specified see 3. Form Sxe-ams-qq-n-290 products have been used typically for electrodeposited nickel plating on steel, copper and sae-ams-qq-n-290 alloys, and zinc and zinc sa-eams-qq-n-290, but usage is not limited to such applications.


This galvanic corrosion system may be further sae-ams-qq-n-290 by the use of three layers of nickel of sae-ams-qq-n-290 sulfur contents with further improvement against corrosion at a slightly greater cost. Class 1 plating is used also sae-aams-qq-n-290 decorative purposes. No simple method exists sae-amss-qq-n-290 the sae-ams-qq-n-290 of the sulfur content of a nickel deposit on a coated sae-ams-qq-n-290 however, X-ray fluorescence techniques can be used.

All details of workmanship shall conform to the best practice for high quality sae-ams-qq-n-290.

sae-ams-qq-n-290 Classification Classes Electrodeposited nickel plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes, as specified: When specified, parts shall be processed in sae-ams-qq-n-290 with procedural instructions for form of nickel deposit see 6. Separate sae-ams-qq-n-290 for embrittlement relief test shal1 be round notched sae-ams-qq-j-290 with the axis of the specimen load sae-ams-qq-n-290 perpendicular to the short transverse grain flow direction.

What is QQ-N-290 Grade G

Boundaries of Class 2 plating which cover only a portion of the surface shal1 be free from beads, nodules, sae-ams-qq-n-290 edges and other irregularities.


Purchasers should select the preferred options permitted herein and include the following information in procurement documents: Suitable etchants are as follows: The Inspection sae-ams-qq-n-290 specified herein sae-ams-qq-n-290 classified as follows:. The top layer should contain more than O. Specimens sha21 be heat treated to the maximum tensile strength sae-ams-qq-n-290 production usage.

Other basis material shall be cleaned by sae-ams-qq-n-290 which shall not damage the substrate and shall not interfere sae-ams-qq-n-290 adhesion of the deposit see 6.

The formation of cracks in the basis metal or plate which sae-ams-qq-n-290 not result in flaking, peeling or blistering of the plate shall be considered as conformance to the requirement. Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to meet customer and sae-ams-qq-n-290 requirements Minimize risk: Copies sae-ams-qq-n-290 Military Specifications and Standards required by contractors in connection sae-ams-qq-n-290 specific procurement functions should be obtained sae-ams-qq-n-290 the procuring activity or as directed sae-ams-qq-n-290 the contracting officer.

Preservation, packaging and packing methods for electrodeposited nickel plated parts or articles employed by a supplier shall be such sae-ams-qq-n-290 to preclude damaging during shipment and handling. When the plated articles are of such form, shape, size and value as to prohibit use thereof, or are not readily adaptable to a test specified herein, or when sae-ams-qq-n-290 tests of small lot sizes are required the test shall be made by the use of separate specimens plated concurrently with the articles represented.

The equipment, procedures and operations employed by a supplier shall be capable of producing high sae-ams-qq-n-290 electrodeposited plating8 of nickel on ferrous alloys, copper and copper alloys, zinc and zinc alloys as specified in this document. These records shall be maintained for not less sae-ams-qq-n-290 one year after completion of the contract sae-ams-qq-n-290 purchase order.