Consult YUKEN Europe Ltd.’s entire RELIEF VALVES catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Providing you the best range of Yuken BG 03, BG 06, BG 10, BT 06 Pilot Operated Relief Valve, Yuken BSG 03, BSG 06, BSG 10, BST 06 Relief Valve and. Relief modular valves MBP protect the hydraulic system from excessive pressure and can be used to maintain constant pressure in a hydraulic system.

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Used to protect pumps and control valves reliev excessive pressures. Yuken relief valve configuration places the movable parts away from the sensor for increased durability and reliability. SB SB Yuken EHBG series Electro-Hydraulic Relief Valves These combination electro-hydraulic relief valves are comprised a va,ve relief valve and a pilot relief valve proportional and can proportionally control system pressure using input voltage.

These compact valves are comprised of yuken relief valve electro-hydraulic proportional pilot relief valve and a reducing valve that includes a relief capability, providing the ability to quickly reduce system pressure at high loads.

If installed away from the sensor, it yuken relief valve be wire-connected, thereby minimizing hydraulic piping. These flow control valves give you the ability to remotely control flow rate using input voltage.

Relief Modular Valves MBP-03, MBA-03, MBB-03, MBW-03

Interchangeable with a simple servo valve to yuken relief valve position and pressure. In addition, operation under remote control is possible by using the remote control port.

Temperature compensation is included in this valve providing consistent flow control irregardless of yuken relief valve temperature. These valves vallve by setting the pressure of a hydraulic circuit below that of the main circuit. Input voltage is used to proportionally control system pressure.


Hydraulics Distributor in Indianapolis, IN. Input voltage is used to control system pressure proportionally.

Relief Modular Valves MBP, MBA, MBB, MBW – YUKEN ČR s.r.o.

This combination valve contains a relief valve huken and a DC solenoid, and should be used with a power amplifier as specified.

These vibration-proof, semiconductor controlled pressure switches yhken a built-in electronic pressure sensor and yuken relief valve photocoupler insulated open collector output. These Electro-Hydraulic valves are shifting yuken relief valve shockless solenoid operated directional valves combined with digital amplifiers for maneuverability and consistency of movement in high speed operations. Energy-efficient Electro-Hydraulic valve uses only the amount of energy pressure and flow necessary to power the actuator.

Unloading the pump pressure can be accomplished with a remote electrical signal to the solenoid or through solenoid valve port pilot relief valves. Direct-operated pressure control valves are damped hydraulically yuken relief valve can be activated by pilot pressure internal or external.

Pressure Contorl Valves

These Electro-Hydraulic two-layer double deck valves combined with power amplifiers control direction and flow by metering current to two solenoids contained in a electro-hydraulic proportional pressure reducing valve. Designed for use in hydraulic balancing circuits, these valves provide pressure reducing and counterbalancing. Pressure reducing and check valves have check valves, which allow a free flow from the valvw side to yuken relief valve primary.

This cost-efficient setup simplifies hydraulic circuits by using a yuken relief valve valve for speed control speed, acceleration, decelerationdirection and flow.

Power amplifiers and setting adjusters designed specifically to drive electro-hydraulic proportional valves. Unloading is accomplished using vent circuits.


By combining a low-noise pilot-operated relief valve and a solenoid operated directional valve, Yuken created a no-load pump. The pressure sensor has no moving parts, offering reliability and durability. Pilot-operated, low-noise relief valves are used to keep the yuken relief valve controlled at steady yhken in the hydraulic system.

Desired flow rate is not affected by system pressure load or temperature fluid viscosity as compensators are included in this unit. Combining a pilot operated relief valve with a solenoid operated directional valve eliminates extraneous piping due to the directly-mounted solenoid valve on the relief valve with a relief valve vent. Yuken relief valve relief function provides the ability to quickly reduce system pressure at high loads.

Pilot Operated Relief Valves (BG BT) – Yuken

Vent circuits allow remote control and unloading. Closed-loop proportional electrohydraulic directional yuken relief valve flow control valves combine a power amplifier and an LVDT differential transformerproviding extreme accuracy and reliability. Used for relieving excessive yuken relief valve and protecting yuken relief valve hydraulic system, or for maintaining a constant pressure. Digital Pressure Monitors Installed directly or remotely from the sensor, these monitors track hydraulic system pressure.

These closed-loop pressure control valves offer steady pressure control, even at minimal flow rates. Brake valves create smooth stopping power by allowing braking with any level of pressure. Desired flow rate is not affected by pressure load or temperature fluid viscosity.

They can be controlled remotely.