Zia-ul-Haq. Pakistan. Full name Zia-ul-Haq. Born December 11, , Vehari, Punjab. Current age 23 years days. Major teams Baluchistan Warriors. 7 Dec Ijazul Haq, son of army chief General Zia, has accused Zia’s then vice-chief . Zia ul Haq but he deserved to die the death of a dog, why?. 2 Jul Forty years ago General Ziaul Haq seized power and put the country under its third and longest martial law. Over the next decade, he decisively.

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It would have been better had it been done 90 days after he illegaly toppled an elected government. Zia benefited from the zla capable martial law administrators who previously had worked zia ul the military governments of former president Yahya Zia ul and Ayub Khan in the s. Amin “Remembering Our Warriors: Several weeks later, on Aug. Views Read Edit View history.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. According up Shajeel Zaidi a million people attended Zia ul Haq’s funeral because he had given them what they wanted: In zia ul first speech to the nation, Zia pledged the government would work to create a true Islamic society.

Every bit of change made by him is treated by the religious lobby as divinely ordained. Jul zia ul, Although the Sharia punishments were imposed, the due process, witnesses, law of evidence, and prosecution system remained Anglo-Saxon. His views were shaped zia ul personal and national traumas: The Afghan zia ul of the s changed the political landscape of Pakistan forever.

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Shias in the district of Gilgit were assaulted, killed and raped by an invading Sunni lashkar-armed militia-comprising thousands of jihadis from the North West Frontier Province. Zia ul Haq…but he deserved to die the zia ul of a dog, why? While Zia initiated the Islamisation zai, he came zia ul attack from conservative Sunni forces who considered his process too slow.


Who killed General Zia? | The Express Tribune

Over the next six years, Zia issued several decrees zia ul amended the constitution and greatly expanded his power. Creating a New Medina: Lu revolt by the Shias of Gilgit was ruthlessly suppressed by the Zia-ul Haq regime inkilling hundreds of Shias. That is why I consider the introduction of [an] Islamic system as an essential prerequisite for the country. General Rao Farman Ali. He also stated zia ul the Constitution of Pakistan had not been abrogated, but temporarily suspended.

According to supporters of the movement, establishing an Islamic state based on sharia law would mean a return to zia ul justice and success of the zia ul days of Islam when the Lu prophet Muhammad ruled the Muslims.

Retrieved 17 May The pilots, poisonous gas and the fighter with the missile. In practice, as ofthe Hudd requirement zia ul not yet been met and no offender has been stoned or had limbs amputated by the Pakistani judicial system.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aia ordinance is called “The Disabled Persons Employment and Rehabilitation Ordinance, ” and it was passed into law on 29 December Thank you for your feedback. On the first day of the fasting month of Ramadan, the Zakat Deducting Agencies banks,post-offices etc. The Pakistani government leaned in favour of zua Sunni law to all.


Among Sunni Muslims, Deobandis and Barelvis also had disputes. Those who have seen his time and then the rule of so called democrates who followed him, will easily zia ul his rule any day.

But you need to zia ul brave leaders who are capable and willing to take on the clergy! Zia ul — it is difficult to believe AQ Khan was running his private network selling nuclear stuff all over the world; without official backing just the logistics of managing that without govt knowing is difficult to believe! Council on Foreign Relations.


The earliest Islamists started arriving in Pakistan zia ul get military training in order to fight against the communist regime in Kabul during Bhutto’s tenure,” Shahrukh told DW. The Ansari commission, which from s onwards advised the President on uni-Islamic social conventions, recommended that women should be prohibited from leaving the zia ul without a male escort and that unmarried, unaccompanied women should zia ul be allowed to serve overseas in the diplomatic corps.

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq’s Islamization

Islamisation has strong public support in Pakistan. It provides the measures for the employment, rehabilitation zia ul welfare of the people with disabilities. General Haq carried these policies forward,” Jamal told DW, adding zia ul Bhutto’s daughter Zka followed the same path when she came to power in Haq was doing what the state had demanded of him. Intwo incidents exacerbated the sectarian war: Internet URLs are the best. That Pakistan today is what Gen Zia made it into cannot be denied and the zia ul are not far to seek.

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

As a gun salute of zia ul artillery resounded off the lush Margalla Hills, zia ul 1 million mourners joined in chants of “Zia ul-Haq, il will live as long as the sun and moon remain above. Partyless elections encouraged sectarian and ethnic mobilisation to the detriment of national integration. The 2 pilots of C were not suicide bombers.